A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Imagine if God created every mountain in the universe and the greatest looking utopia in the universe, you would get The Untouched Islands. A Dazzling VR experience that will last over a lifetime. Not only can you play it on your phone and VR headsets, but you can also play it on your Windows PC.  Ages 8+


TheUnTouchedIslands.apk 14 MB
TheUnTouchedIslands.zip 23 MB

Install instructions

When opening the Windows version of the game, unzip the .zip file and then play the exe file.


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Is the game completed now?


is not beautiful but it's ok

This does not work  in VR (at least with Oculus), and it's just some mountains?  My son says "There's no trees", and my daughter says "it's crap".

Sorry for the inconvenience, but We have tried it out in some Oculus models and other VR machines.  This is only a demo, as we are currently building the rest of the game, as of now.