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A Oudor Wiki
Ladies and Gentlemen, a new wiki has been created called "Oudor Historia". You can read up and help edit the wiki if you want. Link Here: https://oudor-histor...
New Oudor Game!!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, i give you Jack's Journey: An Oudor Game. This game takes place 20 years after the events of "The Magical Journey of Oudor" and it is set...
Get Ready for the Sequel, Folks!!!
You read the title folks!! After a full year after the game was released, we are making a sequel to The Magical Journey of Oudor. It will have more levels, more...
New Stuff
We are just going to post these two links right here because they are new stuff New book released!! https://jac...
A Prequel has been made
Ladies and Gentlemen, kids of all ages, sweaty d&d  gamer nerds, Im here to announce that this game has received its own prequel. Read up on it and learn m...